14.12.2023 – 19.01.2024
Aglaia Brändli, Murielle Gräff, Vital Romero, Flavia Trachsler

Opening: Wednesday, 13.12.23, 5 pm

Humans have been conditioned to measure, quantify, and qualify themselves, their surroundings, space, and time. Measurement often introduces categories that can be misused to justify hierarchies and exclusions once they result in norms and standards. Nevertheless, outliers appear in all measurements. Outliers are those rebellious data points in statistics that refuse to conform to the expected patterns and norms. This exhibition presents recent or new works by four graduates from the Bachelor Fine Arts program. Their idiosyncratic embodiments of support structures for human (re)orientation in the built and lived environment take on various shapes, from sculptural installation over digital moving image work to conceptual drawing.

distance-l8 - 1920
distance-l7 - 1602
distance-l6 - 1568
distance-l5 - 1440
distance-l4 - 1325
distance-l3 - 1164
distance-l2 - 1080
distance-l1 - 1024
distance-s1 - 799
distance-s2 - 720
distance-s3 - 640
distance-s4 - 414
distance-s5 - 320